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Oil Painting Landscapes: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Beautiful, Atmospheric Works of Art

Sarah combines the quintessential medium of oil paint with the ever-popular topic of landscapes. Her classes are a huge hit with her audience, teaching students of all skill levels how to achieve her dreamy, magical style with simple steps. In her book, she breaks down paintings into sections, making oil painting approachable even if you?ve never picked up a paint brush before. You?ll only have to use a few colors, which keeps the cost manageable for newcomers, but also lends itself to an easier painting experience. With her guidance on brushstrokes, color mixing, and layering, you?ll create frame-worthy art that you?ve always dreamed of. Projects include a Foggy Pine Forest, Stormy Coast, Snowy Mountain. The book will include tutorials for three large paintings, with a series of twelve smaller paintings for students to hone their skills. Each project will include step-by-step images. Please note: International shipping takes 2-3 weeks.